Women's Ecumenical Bible Study

Mission Statement

Women’s Ecumenical Bible Study proclaims a mission to provide, share and encourage studies in and of God’s Word, The Bible, to all women, churched and unchurched, with the intention of building relationships in a Christ-centered environment.


Classes meet in the Music Suite at:






See map on the right of page. When you enter the campus drive all the way around to the back of the building. You will see the Music Suite entrance on your left.


About WEBS . . .

Since its inception in Summer, 2014 Women’s Ecumenical Bible Study has been blessed by our Almighty Father with success beyond our dreams! Our every step is guided by the Holy Spirit and our Savior Lord Jesus Christ unfailingly accompanies us along our path. What more could we ask for?

At the core of all the chosen studies is The Word of God, the study of Scripture. It is Truth, and regardless of where we may be in our faith journeys, we can turn to it in times of trial and joy.

You are cordially invited to join Women’s Ecumenical Bible Study as we regularly meet in a setting of friendship and fellowship, encouraging each other to deepen her relationship with our Savior Jesus Christ through the study of God’s Word.


  • All WEBS classes are video-driven with a study guide and are formatted to include small & large group discussions.
  • Each weekly session is two hours in length. Students may register to attend:
    • Tuesday evening, 6pm-8pm or
    • Thursday morning, 10am-12pm
  • Because the Tuesday & Thursday classes mirror each other, any student who anticipates missing a class may attend the other one that same week.
  • All classes meet at Palm Coast United Methodist Church in the Music Suite.
  • Cost of each session varies.
  • Visit Us Online!        palmcoastumc.org/webs

Previous Studies:

Since 2014, WEBS has hosted studies from authors/video presenters: David Arthur, Kay Arthur, David Jeremiah, Jessica LaGrone, Beth Moore, Priscilla Shirer and Andy Stanley.

Contact Us!

For more information about WEBS, contact any member of our Women’s Ministry Team by phone or email. God Bless You!

Ryllis Black, 317-213-9248, norm.ryllis@sbcglobal.net

JoAnne Hebb, 386-439-8164, jhebb13@yahoo.com

Evelyn Keller, 603-421-1808, eve.keller@gmail.com

Mary Lussier, 386-447-4238, maryclussier16@gmail.com

Joan Reese, 386-313-1006, joanr2@msn.com

Vickie Root, 386- 679-7402, vickieroot@cfl.rr.com.


Year 2020 Studies 

Winter Session - 2020

“The God You May Not Know” by David Jeremiah (11 weeks)

Starts: Tuesday, January 14, 6-8 pm; Thursday, January 16, 10 am-12 pm

Break: Weeks of March 29th & April 5th

Ends: March 24th & 26th 

Develop an intimacy with God you may never have known. Discover God’s character and attributes as never before. Encounter the holiness, the unlimited power, and the presence of the God you worship!

Spring Session - 2020

“Stepping Up: A Journey Thru the Psalms of Ascent” by Beth Moore (8 weeks)

Starts: Tuesday, April 14, 6-8 pm; Thursday, April 16, 10 am – 12 pm

Break: Week of June 7th

Ends: June 2nd & 4th

Explore the pilgrimage theme found in Psalms 120–134. As you reflect, pray, and respond to these treasured Psalms, you'll experience a new level of intimacy with God.

Summer Session - 2020

“Hebrews: The Nearness of King Jesus” by Lisa Harper (8 weeks)

Starts: Tuesday, June 16, 6-8 pm; Thursday, June 18, 10 am-12 pm

Break: Weeks of August 9th & 16th

Ends: August 4th & 6th 

Hebrews was a sermon for a specific people and culture in the midst of martyrdom and persecution, but is also so relevant for us today, reminding us to continue walking toward Jesus regardless of our culture or our circumstances.

Fall Session - 2020

“Matthew, Part 1: The King & the Kingdom of Heaven” by David Arthur (8 weeks)

Starts: Tuesday, August 25, 6-8 pm; Thursday, August 27, 10 am-12 pm

Ends: October 13th & 15th 

(No break before Part 2)

Who is the promised Messiah, the King who will sit on the throne of David? What is His kingdom? What is the character and lifestyle of those who are a part of this kingdom? Matthew Part 1 answers these questions and brings you face-to-face with the long-awaited Jewish Messiah.

“Matthew, Part 2: The Christ, Son of the Living God” by David Arthur (8 weeks)

Starts: Tuesday, October 20, 6-8 pm; Thursday, October 22, 10 am-12 pm

Break: Thanksgiving Week of November 22nd

Ends: December 15th & 17th

When Jesus came, did people receive Him as the promised Messiah? What did they say about His miracles and His teaching? What caused them to call for His crucifixion? He says He’s coming back. If He came today, would people recognize Him? As you study Matthew Part 2, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the resurrection and its power in your life.